The power of lies

There was this famous story. Thomas Edison, the highly-admired American inventor, was sent home from school with a note from the Teacher when he was just 7 years old. He could not read well, so he showed it to his mother. His mother wept when she saw the note and told him, that the teacher thought he was such a genius to be kept in class and should be homeschooled instead.

As we expect, Edison became a successful inventors many years later, only to discovered the note again and realized his mother had lied to him. The note actually said that he had a crazy mind and not fit for School! But her mother’s lie had change his life forever.

Reflection: I truly believe that everyone of us has our own hidden genius or potential. Who is to say that we are genius or defective? It’s just a matter of perspectives and with the right motivation and good self-esteem, we will find ourselves blossom. So it’s important to keep an objective view and be optimistic with ourselves and others. You never know that one day this hope you installed will change your or someone’s life forever!

1am 9/9/2021

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