Advanced Public Speaking for Profit: Mastering Storytelling

Picture of a man presenting in front of the group

Become A Better Storyteller To Help You Reach Your Career Goals Faster Than Any Other Skill You Could Acquire.

Picture of a man presenting in front of the group

Rating: 5 out of 5.

By Doug Stevenson
Founder & President of Story Theater International

Join our captivating public speaking online course and transform your storytelling and speaking skills. Learn the innovative Story Theater Method, which sets traditional storytelling apart, and master the art of crafting impactful keynote speeches. With a formula for engaging audiences of all sizes, you’ll discover the perfect balance of stories in a business context and explore The Nine Steps of Story Structure to create compelling narratives.

Enhance your delivery by incorporating presentation techniques, staging, and movement, and bring your stories to life like motion pictures. Develop the ability to portray characters, utilize silence for emphasis, and incorporate proven comedy techniques to evoke laughter. Through this course, you’ll gain confidence, maintain focus, and become a powerful public speaker who influences and inspires audiences with the persuasive power of storytelling. Enroll today to unlock your true potential on the stage and leave a lasting impact.

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Meet the Expert


Lots of practical tips and great examples. He doesn’t just tell you how to do it; he shows you how it’s done. I’m definitely going to work on my personal stories to enhance my delivery.

Tamara D.

Doug Stevenson is outstanding! I first listened to his book “Story Theater Method” on audible. Next completed this Udemy course which was even longer and more detailed than expected. I loved it and already recommending it friends. Doug’s teaching style and skill combined into this Udemy format make learning easy.

Jeff B.

Fantastic above and beyond expectations.

Yisacher S.

I am truly honoured to have found this course and the rich content at this price. It is very humbling. Hats off to you sir. Thank you for your contribution.

Gladys B.

Transform Your Speaking Skills into Engaging Theatrical Experiences today!

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