Psychological Types #3 : “COACHING TEAMS, LEADERS & CHANGE”

Facilitate change and growth using pro-tools and fun, challenging, and creative activities.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

By Dario Nardi –
Award-winning UCLA Instructor, Consultant, and Author

Yehuda Ben Jehoshua –
Creative Director, Personal Coach

This transformative course explores the application of the 16-types framework in coaching, enabling individuals to engage in self-coaching and benefit from the exercises and ideas presented. With a focus on Teams, Leadership, and Change (TLC), the course emphasizes the developmental nature of personality types and encourages personal growth. The course guides learners through coaching fundamentals, the four temperaments, and the four interaction styles associated with each temperament, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of the 16 types.

Through this course, participants explore nine self-leadership behaviors linked to the enneagram, receiving type-specific advice for personal growth. Engage in nine in-depth coaching exercises, supported by step-by-step worksheets, to foster personal growth and facilitate growth in others. Benefit from the expertise of professionals in coaching and consulting, as well as the wealth of course materials derived from years of workshop facilitation and brain imaging research. This course equips you with a comprehensive toolbox to support your ongoing journey of personal and professional development.

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This course on coaching teams, leaders & change with the MBTI is an invaluable resource for any individual looking to gain a greater understanding of the use of personality types. Dario Nardi and Yehuda Ben Jehoshua have done a phenomenal job curating this information in an accessible and comprehensive way that is sure to be beneficial for many.

Joyce M.

Transform your life with the ultimate course on Myers-Briggs and Jungian psychological types today!

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