Recording: How To See Beyond Surface Behaviors & Understand Other’s Motivations

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Behaviors are like the tip of an iceberg. Two people can show similar outward behaviors, but which originate from very different core motivations. A systematic way to quickly pierce through the façade of behaviors will be tremendously useful. In this crash course, you will discover the hidden gem of typology, the arts of reading people patterns using the latest psychological frameworks.

Tuan Le is a TypeCoach (MBTI) certified coach who has spent over 8 years study the different psychometric/personality system such as MBTI and Enneagram. He is passionate in promoting the under-utilized gems of typology and theory of mind that managers and leaders can use to boost their own and their team’s emotional intelligence.

Webinar Agenda:
– Big picture: Differences between behaviors, personalities versus core drives.
– Background of the MBTI and Jungian Psychology.
– Essential definitions and exercise to further identify your type and understand the cognitive functions.
– Some practical tips to quickly apply this knowledge in your daily life and workplace.

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