• The importance of having strong sense of self

    What is a sense of self Your sense of self refers to your perception of the collection of characteristics that define you. It refers to what you think are your personality traits, strength and weaknesses, like or dislikes, moral values and your goals and aspirations… Why is it important? Self-confidence Having a strong sense of … Continue reading “The importance of having strong sense of self”

  • Quotes

    One of the reasons for learning about type is to recognize that we are constantly motivated, simply by the way we’ve established our neural networks, to shape reality along particular functional lines. Another is to recognize the possibilities for growth and change that exist within—and apart from—the framework we have created for ourselves. Even small … Continue reading “Quotes”

  • Why Does Your MBTI Make You A Late Bloomer

    Source: Let’s face it, even in the 21st century, what society defines as success is still very much materialistic. Whether someone is considered to do well in life depends on how high is his or her earning, his material possession and other status symbols including having (attractive) romantic partners. The average income chart above … Continue reading “Why Does Your MBTI Make You A Late Bloomer”

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