• The Psychology of Curiosity: an introduction

    “Curiosity is the most superficial of all the affections. It has an appearance of giddiness, restlessness, and anxiety (Edmund Burke – an Irish philosopher)” Speaking of curiosity, people usually come up with the idiom curiosity killed the cat. Why does curiosity seem to be associated with such a negative connotation? Is this also a popular … Continue reading “The Psychology of Curiosity: an introduction”

  • Extroversion: The Depth You Have Not Seen

    Extroversion, or extraversion, is one of the factors from the Big Five personality model. This personality trait is characterized by an orientation of an individual’s energies and interests towards the outer world of social experiences rather than the inner world of subjective feelings and thoughts. The trait indicates a continuum of behaviors and attitudes, ranging … Continue reading “Extroversion: The Depth You Have Not Seen”

  • Assertiveness: A More Effective Way To Resolve Aggression

    Today I would like to discuss a concept which is a significant cause of conflict in personal and work life: the quality of being socially dominant and its counterpart, passive aggressiveness. From my own observation, these two yin-yang approaches result in two camps of thoughts which are constantly at war with each other. The benefits … Continue reading “Assertiveness: A More Effective Way To Resolve Aggression”

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