• Assertiveness: A More Effective Way To Resolve Aggression

    Today I would like to discuss a concept which is a significant cause of conflict in personal and work life: the quality of being socially dominant and its counterpart, passive aggressiveness. From my own observation, these two yin-yang approaches result in two camps of thoughts which are constantly at war with each other. The benefits … Continue reading “Assertiveness: A More Effective Way To Resolve Aggression”

  • The Big Five’s Agreeableness: An In Depth Analysis

    Followed by a series of five personality traits from the Big Five personality model, the next personality dimension that we will look into is agreeableness. The word “agree” indicates the likelihood to say yes, to compromise, or to agree to do things, either for oneself or others. Agreeableness measures the tendency to be kind, friendly, … Continue reading “The Big Five’s Agreeableness: An In Depth Analysis”

  • The Pros And Cons Of Conscientiousness

    Hello dear readers, before continuing to read this article, maybe take a few minutes to ask yourself these questions: Are you more detail-oriented or big-picture? Do you tend to “work hard” first before “play hard”? Do you rarely break promises or show up late? Do you often plan, decide, and like to put stuff on … Continue reading “The Pros And Cons Of Conscientiousness”

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