• Is Your Relationship Meant to Last?

    Relationship is a complex topic that has been much written about. We all yearn for the right recipe to find “the one”, our soulmates, our missing halves. Yet how many of us feel confident that we find satisfying answers from internet articles? Again, this article may still not be “the one” for you, haha. But … Continue reading “Is Your Relationship Meant to Last?”

  • Common MBTI Misconceptions

    1. Your functions’ percentages show how often you use them There are many free online MBTI tests out there and some of them, such as from, offer results in percentage. So you may get something like 30% Thinking – 70% Feeling, 49% Intuition – 51% Sensing, etc. So does the test mean you use … Continue reading “Common MBTI Misconceptions”

  • Quick Facts about MBTI Types: Distribution, Career and Relationship

    Type Distribution In The Population The table below shows the percentage of each type in the general population. Clearly, INFJ (The Advocate) is the rarest of all types followed by ENTJ (The Commander) and INTJ (The Mastermind). But apparently, INFJ is one of the most trending MBTI searches on Google, which means either there are … Continue reading “Quick Facts about MBTI Types: Distribution, Career and Relationship”

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