• MBTI Superpowers Part 2: The ENTJ and INTJ

    At the core, INTJ and ENTJ are very similar and hence one type often gets confused for the other. They are both visionary doers who prioritize external measurable results. Both often are straight-shooters who dislike politics and small talks. ENTJ’s superpowers: effectiveness and vision The reason I put ENTJ first is because their inner workings … Continue reading “MBTI Superpowers Part 2: The ENTJ and INTJ”

  • MBTI Superpowers Part 1: The INFP and ISFP

    The MBTI is invented by Myer and Catherine Briggs to help people better find a suitable job in the post World War 2 era. They believe that each person has a special role in society according to his or her MBTI type. Today, let’s us explore the roles and super powers of the INFP and … Continue reading “MBTI Superpowers Part 1: The INFP and ISFP”

  • Is Your Relationship Meant to Last?

    Relationship is a complex topic that has been much written about. We all yearn for the right recipe to find “the one”, our soulmates, our missing halves. Yet how many of us feel confident that we find satisfying answers from internet articles? Again, this article may still not be “the one” for you, haha. But … Continue reading “Is Your Relationship Meant to Last?”

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