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As an entrepreneur, your first employees are crucial. Be amazed at how much insights you can gain about people through personality typology

Whether it’s about hiring, management or self-development, you will find insights and ideas to do better through this one-on-one online consultation with our Personality Expert.

Hire better

Understand the personality types that will most likely succeed in your opening and avoid costly hiring mistakes

Lead better

Gain a clearer view about the strengths, weaknesses, communication styles and needs of your key staff based on their personalities

Be more productive

Understand your own strengths, weaknesses and aspiration to better prioritise your time and effort

About me

As the founder of this blog, I have had about 5 years of experience in various personality frameworks including Enneagram, MBTI, Socionic, Big-5…

Even though I do not hold formal qualification in psychology, my years of self-study, observation and expertise in start-up and marketing would hopefully be valuable for your business.

Tuan understands people very well… He reads extensively and had complex opinions on various areas… Meet-ups with him were always constructive.

Jumana N. (Singapore)

As an entrepreneur, building a team is one of the most critical jobs for me. Talking to Tuan enlightened me to the foundation of people’s personalities to ensure the best fit of the new hires.

Andy Luong (Founder of LVAG Brand)

During the last 1 year, I have been improving my self-understanding with Tuan’s help. He not only explained to me about the MBTI, people’s characters but also gave me some examples showing how different people think and act with different personalities. Now I feel more confident on the path of exploring myself, know how to control my mind, and solve my problems more quickly and efficiently when it comes. It is interesting that when I know more about myself, I start to understand more about others.

Pearl Ph. (Singapore)

Best of all, it’s FREE!

Or almost… As mentioned, I am still starting and looking to refine my services, I will give free 1-hour online consultation. But to avoid spam and show that you are serious, just buy me a cup of coffee for $5 (Paypal info is available once the contact form is submitted).

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