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Your Path to True Self-Awareness and Inner Confidence . Develop a true understanding of cognitive diversity using the two most popular typology frameworks of MBTI and the Enneagram. 

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Course Outline

This is one of the most comprehensive training using the two most popular and complimentary frameworks: MBTI and Enneagram, minds and hearts, with a strong focus on fundamental and accurate understanding as a foundation for life-long self-reflection

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Level 1

Introduction to Cognitive Diversity (Compulsory)

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Level 2a

Master the minds - the 8 Cognitive Intelligences

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Level 2b

Master the hearts - The Enneagram

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Customized Feedback

You will receive a combined assessment of your types by two coaches

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Each Level is 250 USD. Take part in live online training by passionate experts in a small group of 2-3 people.

Tuan mbti coach

The Trainer

Tuan Le - MBTI instructor

A passionate learners of personalities for almost a decade, Tuan Le is the founder of Our Human Minds blog & Singapore’s  Personalities Community. Tuan is a TypeCoach (MBTI) certified coach with thorough experience in various personality frameworks with passion for helping professionals to gain better self-awareness and people skills.

Teodora, life and relationship coach

The Trainer

Teodora Paucean - Enneagram instructor

Based in Germany, Teodora has a Bachelor in Psychology and Master in Conflict Resolution. She is also an ICF certified Life and Relationship Coach with a wealth of experience guiding individuals in the dynamic landscapes of both the US and European markets

As someone who has always been fascinated by personality types and how they shape our behaviors, I found this course to be an excellent resource for anyone looking to better understand themselves and others.
Psychologist in training
"The most helpful aspect is I could again a level of self-awareness and how this impacts how I engage with others and what works for me , but also a good list of tips that I can share with others who engage with me often so that they can understand how I work/think."
South Africa
"One thing that really stood out to me was how the instructor gave examples from his personal life while explaining certain topics. This not only made the course more relatable, but it also allowed me to connect with him as an instructor. It was a nice touch that made the course feel more personal."
"I can sense Tuan Le’s great passion in MBTI and how to effectively and practically apply MBTI to make our lives. Tuan is definitely very knowledgeable and he goes the extra mile to not only deliver the content, but also to ensure the lessons are tailored to his students."
"I liked how during the session we could apply some of the concepts immediately to ourselves and other people we know using the 1-10 scale. Also metaphors to understand cognitive functions better."
Jia Shun
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People Reading Skills Based on Typology

Cognitive Mastery Leadership and People SKills Certification by OHM

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