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Generate leads cheaply and convert them effortlessly with content-driven webinar funnel.

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What Is A Webinar Funnel?

A lot of marketers think a webinar is an one-off online event to deliver technical content or sell products and that’s why many achieve mediocre results. A content webinar itself is a strategically engineered marketing asset with less focus on selling product or content but more about shifting the prospects’ beliefs and mindsets favorably towards your offering.

A webinar is just the first step in showcasing your expertise and builds trust. Subsequently, supplementary content educates the audience, nurturing relationships and solidifying the expert’s authority. This leads to higher conversion rates as the audience becomes more inclined to invest in the expert’s offerings. With its precision, scalability, and credibility-building potential, a content webinar funnel can be a game changer to booster your conversion rates and cost per lead.

The Speaker

Tuan Le

With over 6 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Tuan specializes in content-driven performance marketing for schools, trainers and coaches.

Not only experienced with “full-stack” marketing from building landing pages to making analytics dashboard, he is also passionate about learn startup methodology to help companies make break through with effective growth hacking.

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