Online Coaching Session

Not sure what’s your correct type is? Need help on how to improve yourself based on your Type?

Book an 1 hour one-on-one session with me on any of the services listed below. The cost per session is US $59.

SPECIAL OFFER: I’m currently looking for INFP or INFJ clients in order to broaden my experience with these types. If you are one, simply state your type and ask for the special limited-time INFP or INFJ discount at 50% OFF in the booking form below!


Type Clarification

Do you have 1 or 2 letters that you feel off and suspecting your type description not correct? I can quickly ask questions and pin point your true type

Cognitive Function Training

Want a quick crash course on the true fundamental and distinction between the various letters or functions? I will help you by start with the more accurate definition and break the concepts down with detailed examples

Personal Development

Feeling stuck in life or wanting to pin point your true passion and career paths?

AMA – Ask Me Any Thing!

Whichever questions or issues related to MBTI that are not listed above, book a 1-hour session with me and ask away!

The instructor is TypeCoach certified coach and the founder of He has had over 7 years of experience in various personality frameworks including Enneagram, MBTI, Socionic, Big-5…


Tuan understands people very well… He reads extensively and has complex opinions on various areas… Meet-ups with him were always constructive.

Jumana (Singapore)

As an entrepreneur, building a team is one of the most critical jobs for me. Talking to Tuan enlightened me to the foundation of people’s personalities to ensure the best fit of the new hires..

Andy L. (Vietnam)

Let’s Explore Your Type

1-hour Session, US $59

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