Webinar: How to see beyond surface behaviors & Understand other’s core motivations


Becomes a more effective team manager and leader with this quick crash course on people reading using analytical psychology.

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Hi fellow managers,

Behaviors are like the tip of an iceberg. Two personalities can show similar outward behaviors, but which originates from very different core motivations. A systematic way to quickly categorize and recognize people will be tremendously useful.

About the speaker:
Tuan Le a TypeCoach (MBTI) certified coach who has spent over 8 years study the different psychometric/personality system such as MBTI and Enneagram. He believes they are under-utilized hidden gems that managers and leaders can use to boost their own and their team’s emotional intelligence.

What you’ll learn:
– Big picture: Differences between behaviors, personalities versus core drives
– Background of the MBTI as and Jungian Psychology
– Essential definitions and exercise to further identify your type and understand the cognitive functions
– Practical tips to quickly apply in your daily life and workplace

Looking forward to seeing you!


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