Our Story

Founded during the Covid pandemic, Our Human Minds has a vision to promote better self-awareness & interpersonal empathy through typology – the objective understanding of people using personality frameworks.

From a solo venture by the founder, the spark of vision persists and blossoms into beautifully made articles and videos and eventually a vibrant type enthusiast community based in Singapore. Exciting training programmes have also been rolled out to benefit the serious & curious minds around the world!

Meet The OHM Team

Square portrait of Tuan Le, Our Human Minds founder and MBTI coach

Tuan Le

Founder & Curriculum Developer. Tuan has spent over 8 years studying personality psychology/typology. Combining working expertise in Business & Marketing, Tuan holds big visions for the OHM group.

Portrait of Enneagram and MBTI lifecoach Teodora

Teodora Paucean

OHM Training Partner. Teodora is the lead trainer for Enneagram in OHM ‘s flagship programmes.
She is an ICF certified life coach from Germany with a BSc in Psychology.

Sehar Shahzad

Content Manager & Editor. Sehar is a certified clinical psychologist with a strong interest in typology.

Joanna Candidato

Video and Social Media Manager. Joanna is also a passionate painter with an Associate’s degree in Multimedia Arts.

Portrait of Ching as a volunteer trainer at Singapore's MBTI/typology meetup

Ching Sheng

Content Advisor and Community Leader. He is not an OHM employee, but we want to give special credit to Ching for playing a crucial role in the formative year of Singapore’s typology community as a volunteer trainer and content advisor.