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Next-level People Mastery with TYPOLOGY

Whether it’s a new employee or an important stakeholder, do you wish you can quickly make sense of who they are, what they truly want and their communication styles?

MBTI is highly comprehensive but often less understood personality typing framework. A good grasp of this system will unlock a new level of depth and speed in reading people. This course will train you to do that in 6 hours

What Your Team Will Gain

This live webinar series walks you through the process of developing mastery of two skills that you can use every day for the rest of your life in every interaction:

  1. Identifying the personality type of any individual
  2. Tailoring your approach with them based on their type 

During every interaction, there is so much you could take into consideration about the personality type of the other person. After this series, you’ll know just what that other person will respond best to, what to avoid and you’ll be able to ensure that you:

  • Gain their full focus and attention
  • Build positive rapport
  • Get their buy in and enthusiasm
  • Bring out their best ideas and thinking
  • Inspire them to go above and beyond

Attendees report immediate and significant improvements in their communications with clients, colleagues, their boss, children, spouse, family members and friends. And that is just after the first webinar out of three! Watch the minute and a half video to hear from some Influence Course graduates.

About The Instructor

The instructor is a TypeCoach (MBTI) certified coach and the founder of He has had over 7 years of experience in various personality frameworks including Enneagram, MBTI, Socionic, Big-5…


Tuan understands people very well… He reads extensively and has complex opinions on various areas… Meet-ups with him were always constructive.

Jumana N. (Singapore)

As an entrepreneur, building a team is one of the most critical jobs for me. Talking to Tuan enlightened me to the foundation of people’s personalities to ensure the best fit of the new hires.

Andy Luong (Founder of LVAG Brand, Singapore)

During the last 1 year, I have been improving my self-understanding with Tuan’s help. He not only explained to me about the MBTI, people’s characters but also gave me some examples showing how different people think and act with different personalities. Now I feel more confident on the path of exploring myself, know how to control my mind, and solve my problems more quickly and efficiently when it comes. It is interesting that when I know more about myself, I start to understand more about others.

Pearl Ph. (Singapore)

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